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Ford SYNC Adds Live Operators

  • Ford is beta testing an Operator Assist feature for the cloud-based network of SYNC Services, giving all registered Services users complimentary access to a live operator for help with business searches and address entry for turn-by-turn directions.  About 70 percent of calls to SYNC Services are for business searches and/or directions
  • SYNC Services provides access to more than 14 million business listings.  
  • Getting directions or finding a business using SYNC Services has become even easier thanks to a new feature called Operator Assist that allows users to instantly connect with a live person. 
  • Operator Assist is only a voice command away, making it part of the growing list of cloud-based driver aids offered by Ford Motor Company. The new feature provides customers with the ability to safely connect with a live person who can quickly access information databases to help drivers get where they’re going.  

Operator Assist is currently in a beta test trial phase and being offered as a complimentary feature for registered users of SYNC Services. No additional software or hardware is needed.   

“Ford is committed to continuously improving the ownership experience and delivering the level of connectivity that customers want,” said Doug VanDagens, director, Ford Connected Services Solutions Organization. “By leveraging what’s available in the cloud, we continue to innovate and improve our customers’ experience without having to touch the vehicle or inconvenience the owner.”
How it works
Cloud-based, on-demand, voice-activated SYNC Services provides access to information about traffic, news, sports, weather, horoscopes, stock quotes, and movie listings along with business searches and turn-by-turn directions.
Operator Assist is available for the directions and business search functions of SYNC Services. Seventy percent of all SYNC Services calls are for business search and directions, said David Gersabeck, product manager, SYNC Services.
Using advanced vehicle sensors, integrated GPS technology and comprehensive map and traffic data, the SYNC Services automated system delivers turn-by-turn directions to the user. Further, with access to more than 14 million business listings, SYNC Services’ automated system directs users to the businesses they seek.
Now, with Operator Assist, at any time during a business search or directions interaction between the user and the SYNC Services automated system, the user can say, “Operator,” confirm his or her request to speak with an operator, and connect to a live operator. This system gives Ford customers the choice of interfacing with a live operator or utilizing the interactive voice recognition system.
“Our customers asked for additional assistance in situations where their voice request was not understood,” said Gersabeck. “If you want the most reliable user experience, enabling alternative methods for customers to access information will increase success, which is where Operator Assist factors into the equation.”
In the event a user says an address or business that the automated system can’t identify, the user will be prompted with the option to connect to a live operator. If the user confirms he or she would like to speak with an operator for further assistance, the system automatically connects the user to the live operator.
When a live operator assists with a business search, the user can choose to receive turn-by-turn directions to the business, receive a text message with name, address and phone number information about the business (applies to certain phone carrier networks), or be directly connected to the phone number of the business.
When a live operator assists with address entry, the user can have the directions sent directly to the vehicle.
“We want Ford SYNC Services customers to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can get where they’re going or want to go,” said Gersabeck. “Being able to connect with a live person at any time contributes to that peace of mind.”
The live operator services are provided by MyAssist, a leading live assistance and telematics service company for individuals and businesses based in Stevens Point, Wis.
Provided by Ford Media

Go, Do Adventures with the 2011 Explorer

This just in from Ford Media-

The all-new Ford Explorer can handle just about any kind of terrain, but the first webisode of the “Go Do Adventures” campaign shows this sport utility vehicle can help make dreams come true, as well.

Ford’s new Go Do Adventures program invites consumers to suggest how they would use an Explorer to create their own unique adventure. Those people whose ideas are selected will then be able to live out their dream adventure, courtesy of Explorer.

“This particular entry provided us with a way to really show consumers what Go Do Adventures is all about – especially with the background being Hawaii,” said Kevin Schebil, Ford experiential marketing manager. “It seemed compelling as a celebration for the family and as a way to show the back-road, adventurous nature of the new Explorer.”

This first video webisode features a California family on a once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian adventure. It is the first in a series that will run through the end of the year.

The Asdel family from Northern California wanted nothing more than to escape the cold winter and head to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, to bodysurf and dive with the sea turtles of Laniakea. An all-new Ford Explorer took them there, traveling from the paved highways on the island all the way to the dirt roads leading to the secluded beach.

Once there, a legendary North Shore lifeguard, Mark Cunningham, offered the family a “backstage pass” to the North Shore and took them out to the Wiamea Shorebreak for a lesson in bodysurfing. He also gave them an overview of Ka’ena Point and the number of protected species that reside there. The Asdels made sure to document the adventure with plenty of pictures, which they were able to download back on land into the MyFord Touch system in their Explorer.

The trip proved especially meaningful for the family, since they’re going their separate ways in the coming month. The father is heading to Puerto Rico to continue his studies in dentistry, his daughter is returning to college and the son is traveling to Guatemala for mission work. Check out the webisode here:

What’s your adventure?
Consumers can submit stories in the form of essays, photos and videos through Ideas can be entered up until November, with more than 850 entries already submitted. In the last 30 days, more than 60,000 people have visited the wall on the Explorer Facebook page and more than 46,000 have visited the Go Do Adventures Facebook page.

Additionally, through collaboration with Outside Media and its network of unique assets, the webisode will be uploaded to the Facebook page for Outside Magazine and Outside TV. Running through the rest of the year, Go Do Adventures will include the creation of up to 10 adventures. Ultimately, they will be developed into a TV special.

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