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Ford Teams Up with Bug Labs for In-Car Customizable Electronic Components

Ford has teamed up with Bug Labs, an open-source hardware and software provider, to explore ways to make in-car connectivity more available, personalized, and affordable than ever before.  Announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, the in-car research platform, OpenXC, will allow consumers to add new electronic components to their Ford cars.

This plug-and-play platform will mimic Bug Labs’ current Bug product, which allows people to tack together multiple plastic modules, such as GPS and cameras, to create personalized electronic gadgets. OpenXC will allow developers to work on hardware and software for cars without needing to learn a new platform.

According to K. Venkatesh Prasad, a director in Ford’s Infotronics Research and Advanced Engineering Labs, “We’ve been experimenting with a an in-car fuel monitor, so you can see how green your driving is, but we’ve also added connectivity to the Internet so you can see how your fuel consumption compares to other drivers.”

Ford also plans to eventually offer this type of hardware for older models to allow people to purchase inexpensive hardware and download apps for their car.

Focus ST-R is Coming

Ford just announced the reace-prepped 2012 Focus ST-R will soon be available in North America.  It was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  Read all about it here-

The Future of Ford

Ford will officially debut the Evos Concept at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, which takes place September 15-25.  However, ahead of the big reveal, Ford has released several videos detailing the concept car.  These videos show off the squinty headlights, strong creases, and trapezoidal front grill, which are all likely to be characteristic of future Fords.

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