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Jimmy Fallon Picks the Ford F-150 King Ranch

Ford F-150 King Ranch

We have all heard about Jimmy Fallon and his quest for a new truck.  For awhile, it seemed he was leaning towards a Ram 1500, especially after their enticing advertising ploy, but in the end, Fallon chose the one and only Ford F-150 King Ranch.

You might think since he has finally made his choice that the truck talk would be over.  But not quite.

Fallon has decided to make things even more interesting.  Ten dealerships were chosen from across the country and a representative from each dealership has been presented with the task of holding onto the King Ranch.  The Tonight Show host plans on purchasing his new pickup from whatever dealer can hold onto the truck the longest.

The contest, named “Fingers on a 4×4” has already started!  They have a live stream going on the dealers and Jimmy’s truck so you can check out how things are going.

While Sanderson Ford was not chosen to participate in this interesting, yet entertaining, contest, we are thrilled Fallon chose the Ford F-150 King Ranch.  Check out the video below to see Jimmy’s introduction of the contest and meet the 10 dealer representatives participating!

Ford and Toby Keith to Offer the Ultimate Country Music Experience

Ultimate Country Music Experience

Ultimate Country Music ExperienceWith November upon us, the thoughts of those summer nights filled with backyard barbeques, country music, and the enjoyment of your favorite refreshing beverage have probably slowly slipped to the back of your mind.  The winter blues have started to set it, but don’t despair just yet!

Ford has decided to team up with Toby Keith to offer one diehard country music fan the ultimate country music experience- once in a lifetime opportunity to win the ultimate grand prize; the chance to have a backstage personal barbeque with Toby Keith himself!  You and three guests will be provided the opportunity to attend his concert and dine with the country music superstar.

But wait, there’s more!

The lucky winner will also be awarded a 2014 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost!  Roll up to the concert in your shiny, brand new truck, and be the envy of every Toby Keith fan in attendance.

So grab your cowboy hat, boots, and three of your closest friends and enter the Toby Keith Hammer Down Sweepstakes, going on now until March 31, 2014!

The Summer Spectacular Giveaway

Sanderson Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway

Sanderson Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway

As the summer months come to an end and we begin to get ready for fall, Sanderson Ford wants to give customers one last chance to make their summer one to remember. The Summer Spectacular Giveaway is giving customers a chance to enter and win a brand-new Ford car, truck or SUV.

How do you enter, you ask? Easy! Just visit Sanderson Ford’s Facebook and watch a couple of their short videos highlighting their lineup of new cars. Take a look at all the features that Ford vehicles have to offer with a short virtual clip and you are entered for a chance to win that car! The more videos you watch, the more chances you have to win!

On top of that, you can invite your friends to watch the videos as well. Invite your friends and increase your odds of driving home an all-new 2013 Ford vehicle.

Sounds easy, right? You bet! Now get to watching and enter to win the Summer Spectacular Giveaway today! Contest ends on September 2nd.

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