Green Zone Makes Ford More Efficient

As efficiency concerns are always at the top of our thoughts with vehicles, Ford has developed a new system call the Green Zone to make plug-in hybrids as efficient as possible.

The Green Zone system collects information from around it and returns it to the driver. It lets the driver know when is the best time to use battery power and save the most fuel. Drivers can then set up their green zones along their daily route using the navigation screen in the car.

Not only will Green Zone let drivers know what is normally the most efficient way to drive, it will also make adjustments according to the car’s surroundings. It factors in traffic congestion, tolls and road conditions.

Although the Green Zone is currently being developed for hybrid cars, this technology could translate to standard vehicles as well.  Here at Sanderson Ford, we’re glad to see Ford is always growing and developing new ways to improve the lives of its customers.

Green Zone

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