Ford Prepares to Auction New Shelby GT350 Mustang

For those Mustang-lovers counting down the days until they can get their hands on the new Shelby GT350 Mustang, count no more—the time is here. Ford recently announced that it is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary Shelby by auctioning off the first production unit of the next-generation car. The auction will occur at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 17, 2015.

“The all-new Shelby GT350 is a thrilling, world-class car,” said Steve Ling, North America car marketing manager for Ford. “From the all-new independent suspension—a first for a Shelby, to the powerful engine and superb brakes, this car is simply amazing. Just as the Shelby GT350 did in 1965, we expect this new-generation pony car to demonstrate Ford Motor Company continues to lead the world in innovation and performance.”

The winner of the GT350 will be able to choose from a variety of colors and packages, giving them the ability to create a unique, performance-oriented pony car. The GT350 uses the first production V8 from Ford for power. The 5.2-liter engine churns out more than 500 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.

For more information about the 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang, contact Sanderson Ford today or visit the Barrett-Jackson website.

new Shelby GT350 Mustang

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