A Ford Fiesta RS Would Be Fun And Fast… And Cute!

RS: Two letters that mean so much. And it looks like they are here to stay, calming the anxiety of many a speed-junkie. Car And Driver describes the crucial moment when at the unveiling of the Ford Focus RS in Cologne Germany at the beginning of February, we learned that “RS is seen within the company as a long-term sub-brand and not just a badge for limited-edition models.” Seeing how awesome the Ford Focus RS is, this is very good news indeed.

The Focus features the same powertrain as the new Mustang, a 2.3-liter turbocharger four-cylinder EcoBoost engine with a boost making it good for 315 horsepower. The Focus gets this extra boost from a larger compressor and a larger intercooler system. Power is sent to an AWD system, which, as USA Today reports, “can shunt as much as 70% of the available torque to the rear wheels, and further direct 100% of that torque to either the left or right rear wheel as needed.”

There’s a lot of talk that a Ford Fiesta RS will follow. Of course, there’s already the very peppy and very popular Fiesta ST. Car And Driver likes the idea a lot, noting, “just think how adorably cute a production version would be.” Truer words were never spoken.

Ford Fiesta RS

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