2017 Ford GT Supercar to be Super Impressive

The all-new Ford GT Supercar is quickly becoming a topic of intrigue throughout the automotive and pop culture world. Ford has outdone itself in the development of this track-ready street racer and we’d like to tell you how.

Ford engineers started with a turbo-charged V6 engine perched in the rear of the vehicle. From there, the carbon-fiber body wraps around the compact dimensions of the engine to provide the striking look and functional aerodynamics of the Ford GT.

“It’s allowing us breakthrough levels of very low drag and very high levels of downforce,” said Raj Nair, Ford’s CTO and VP of Global Product Development

Track presence is bolstered by the myriad of computer processors and sensors that discern driver input to vary the aerodynamics of the spoiler, reduce turbo-lag, gyroscopically monitor lateral forces, and even track tire pressures on the GT Supercar.

In all, the processors handle 300MB of information every second, making the Ford GT part car, part computer–but all about performance and handling.

At Ford, these innovations are what put the fun into our cars and trucks every day. Come see what Ford innovations await you at Sanderson Ford.

Ford GT Supercar

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