Ford’s Robotics Technology Continues to Revolutionize Assembly Lines

Working on automotive assembly lines is a strenuous, demanding, and important job—and it’s crucial that workers don’t get burnt out or exhausted while doing their jobs. That’s why it’s important they receive a “helping hand.”

As a company continually revolutionizing the assembly line, Ford is testing a new form of assembly line robot to assist workers—rather than replace them.

Developed in collaboration with a German robotics company, Ford’s robotics technology uses highly intuitive sensors to “learn” how to help workers through imitative programming. Through a simple lift, these arm-shaped devices are able to lift and position heavy parts when needed. Yet, they’re precise and smart enough to make a cup of coffee and shake hands!

Currently, two robots are being tested in Germany. If the robot assistants prove to be a hit, it is possible Ford might implement them in other manufacturing plants too. This just goes to show how careful Ford is to make sure its employees have everything they need.

Ford’s Robotics Technology

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