Ford Announces Driving Range of the Explorer Hybrid

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

The Ford Explorer has long been a rugged, family-friendly SUV. Now, for the 2020 model it is both moving forward and looking back. The Explorer will be available as a hybrid model, while also coming standard with rear-wheel drive for the first time in years.

One of the major benefits of the new available hybrid model is its extended driving range. The range of the Explorer Hybrid, when equipped with rear-wheel drive, is over 500 miles, as estimated by the EPA. If you choose the available four-wheel drive system, you should be able to drive more than 450 miles between fill-ups.

“Explorer is the ultimate family adventure vehicle — and fewer pit stops is one of the latest reasons why,” said Bill Gubing, Explorer chief engineer. “Explorer provides space for the whole family and their gear, it’s got great towing capability, and now it has range like no Explorer before.”

Powering the Explorer Hybrid is a 3.3-liter hybrid engine and a 10-speed modular hybrid transmission. Even with its hybrid engine, the Explorer is still powerful. It boasts a maximum tow rating of 5,000 pounds, which is the same as a 2019 Explorer with a 3.5-liter engine.

Families won’t have to worry about hampering their cargo space either. Unlike older hybrid models where the battery pack ate up cargo space, the battery in the Explorer Hybrid is built under the second row, so you get as much cargo space as all the other Explorer models.

The Ford Explorer Hybrid’s advanced powertrain and clever packaging allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of a hybrid without sacrificing space and utility. Check it out at Sanderson Ford!


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