Ford Telematics Support Rolled Out for All Vehicles

Ford Telematics Support | Sanderson Ford | Phoenix, AZ

In its ongoing quest to provide its customers with the best auto service possible, Ford has just made an exciting and unpredicted announcement. The automaker will be expanding Ford Telematics support to not just all Ford vehicles, but all vehicles from any brand.

Ford Telematics is a system that tracks driving behavior, allowing businesses that use fleets to keep tabs on the efficiency, speed, and overall dependability of their drivers.

This expansion is being done to give businesses greater control and flexibility when it comes to fleet management. With the ability of Ford Telematics to be plugged into any vehicle, fleets can now be monitored via a simple all-in-one solution.

“At Ford, our commitment to fleet customers goes beyond the mix of their fleet,” says Alex Purdy, Director of Business Operations and Enterprise Connectivity at the Ford Motor Company. “By supporting all makes and models, expanding the capabilities of Ford Telematics, and providing complementary management tools, we’re arming fleet managers with the knowledge they need to maintain uptime and increase productivity across their fleet.”

Ford’s investment in fleet-based technology and the commercial vehicle market has expanded significantly in recent years. Even the new F-150 has the kind of over-the-air update capabilities that fleet managers look for in vehicles.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new fleet vehicle or a daily driver, visit us at Sanderson Ford in Glendale, Arizona, for a test drive today.

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