Ford Turns the 2012 Focus into Fashion

2011 marked the 100th year of Ford in Britain, and the automaker decided to commence the yearlong centennial celebration in an interesting way: by turning the 2012 Focus into fashion.  Ford commissioned two fashion designers to create haute couture from pieces of the popular sedan. 

Judy Clark, a Scottish Designer of the Year nominee, was chosen to create a gown.  The design was inspired by the Edwardian period, and used numerous small engine and gear parts to create an oversized bustle.  Twin red taillights hang at the hips, giving the dress visual width and creating a sway.  The layered skirt represents flowing fuel, and a motorcycle jacket made from seat covering compliments the look with a speedometer set to 60 mph on the back.  In addition to car parts, other materials such as diesel-colored tweed, lace, leather, silk chiffon, and spray paint were also used in the creation.


For a matching necklace, Ford turned to English designer Katherine Hawkins.  The designer, who does not actually drive herself, decided to go for a “metropolis, robot-esque” look. Hawkins broke down the Focus’s center stack buttons to use as the focal point on the oversized necklace and dangled coil springs below the buttons. Various computer chips were also used to create an elegant, yet futuristic automotive design.


While you likely will not be able to find these pieces in a store, they certainly give a new look to the 2012 Focus. You can also check out a video of the creations on YouTube.

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