2013 Ford Fusion makes Techno Music

Ford recently provided three Detroit-area techno artists full access to the 2013 Ford Fusion so they could create unique techno tracks by using only the sounds of the vehicle. Ford’s partnership with the techno artists comes from its sponsorship of the Movement of Electronic Music Festival in Detroit.  The three-day music event is a celebration of all forms of electronic music.

Joshua Harrison, Keith Kemp and Tom Newman recorded almost every noise the 2013 Ford Fusion made to use in their respective tracks.  Everything from the windows going up and doors closing, to the different emergency chimes were utilized in creating the techno tracks.  To listen to the tracks, visit http://soundcloud.com/fordfusion or view the “making of” video below.

Music isn’t the only art form the 2013 Fusion is mastering.  The 2013 Ford Fusion was recently won the 2012 Gene Ritvo Award for Design and Elegance.  The award, commonly known as the Ritvo, honors the best in design in the automotive world, and the 2013 Ford Fusion stood out for its innovative style and elegance.


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