Ford Goes Green

Ford Goes GreenEveryone goes green for St. Patrick’s Day, but for Ford, going green is just a part of everyday life.  From fuel-efficient engines to eco-friendly materials, Ford is committed to being green 365 days a year.

Over the past few years, Ford has been making modifications to their cars to lessen their environmental impact without hurting performance.  The automaker currently boasts more cars that earn 40+ MPG than any other automaker, thanks to technology like the EcoBoost engine.  Ford also offers several hybrid and electric vehicles, such as the Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi, Focus Electric, and C-Max.  These vehicles help the environment by getting the majority of their power from electricity and regenerative braking, as opposed to traditional gasoline.

In addition to engine emissions, Ford also thinks about how the materials used to make a car affect the environment.  Many of the components used to make a Ford vehicle actually come from sustainable materials, such as soybeans, castor oil, and wheat straw.  Ford has also found ways to help reduce landfill waste by recycling materials and using them in the production of their cars.  Vehicles use 10 pounds of scrap cotton from clothing and climate control gaskets are made from recycled tires.

This year, don’t just go green on St. Patty’s Day; commit to making eco-friendly choices every day of the year. You can start with a green car from Ford!

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