Ford Trumps Competition in the EcoBoost Challenge

EngineIn order to prove the power of the Ford EcoBoost engine over its competitors, Ford recently launched the Ford EcoBoost challenge. In the challenge, non-Ford drivers were given the opportunity to compare the engines to those of competitors, and the results overwhelmingly favored Ford, thanks to their revolutionary technology.

During the EcoBoost challenge, drivers who do not currently drive a Ford vehicle were given the opportunity to drive a Ford vehicle and its competitor through an obstacle course, after which, they were questioned about the performance of each.  Drivers who compared the Ford F-150 with EcoBoost to the Chevrolet Silverado almost unanimously favored the Ford truck.

Now that the comparisons are over, Ford buyers can take advantage of the findings by purchasing select new Ford vehicles with 0% APR financing for 60 months plus Challenge cash.  To check out these deals, and videos of all of the EcoBoost Challenge contestants, visit

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