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Thanksgiving Driving Tips

As we move into the holiday season, Sanderson Ford wants to remind those of you who will be traveling to stay safe on the roads!  This Wednesday marks the busiest travel day of the year, so here are 10 tips to make driving a little safer, whether you will be traveling just a few miles from home or hours away and through wintery conditions:

  1. If possible, plan your trip around the busiest traveling days – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
  2. If you will be driving a long distance, be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before. And, if you start to feel drowsy, pull off the road and rest.
  3. Plan your route, but have an alternate as well.
  4. Designate one passenger to be the navigator.  Driving in heavy traffic or poor weather conditions is not the time to need to check your phone for your route.
  5. Allow an extra hour or two for traffic and/or weather delays.
  6. Schedule regular stops every few hours. It’s good to get out and stretch.
  7. Don’t allow your fuel level to get to E. You never know when you’ll hit traffic, so it is best to fill up once it hits ¼ of a tank.
  8. Keep children entertained with snacks, videos, or other quiet activities to lessen the chances of them distracting you.
  9. Keep your lights on while driving. It increases visibility and makes it easier for other cars and trucks to see you.
  10. Before you head out, take your vehicle in to your local service center for routine maintenance. Have the oil changed, fluid refilled, tires checked, and get a quick overall inspection to ensure that your drive will be a smooth one.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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