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Ford and Yahoo! are “Plugged In”

Following in the footsteps of the 2013 Ford Escape, the all-new Ford Focus Electric will be receiving its own reality show.  The series, “Plugged In,” will be a competition reality show shown on Yahoo! Screen.

The show will take place in 10 cities around the U.S.: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Boston.  Contestants will drive a Focus Electric around their home towns to complete different tasks and challenges. Clues will be sent via video, text, and audio through the EV’s Sync with MyFord Touch system, and teams will also use the car’s navigation to help guide them.  The winning teams will be awarded a Focus Electric.

Casting is currently underway and the schedule will be announced in a few weeks.  Since the show will be broadcast online, viewers are encouraged to comment and upload their own hometown photos after each episode.

Ford to Extend Use of Fuel-Efficient Tires

Ford is helping consumers combat the rising price of gas by increasing the availability of their low-rolling-resistant tires to more models. The fuel-saving tires can improve fuel economy by up to 2 mpg.

Currently, the fuel-efficient tires are available on all four of Ford’s 40 mpg cars – the Ford Fiesta SFE, Focus SFE, Fusion Hybrid, and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, as well as the 2011 Edge, Explorer, Fusion, and Taurus.  Now, Ford will extend the availability to the upcoming C-MAX Energi, C-MAX Hybrid, and Focus Electric.

The key to the tires’ fuel economy is low rolling resistance.  Rolling resistance is a measure of the force that the tire requires to travel down the road.  A 10% improvement in rolling resistance leads to a 2% improvement in fuel economy, according to Ford research.

In addition to expanding the use of the automaker’s current fuel-efficient tires, Ford is also researching new tire material and searching for mroe ways to make tires even more economical.

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