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How Would You React to a Talking Car?

talking car

If you just strolling down the streets of Australia and a randomly parked car started talking to you, how would you react?  Would you ignore it?  Take it in stride?  Think you had lost your mind?  Well if you are anything like these Aussies, it appears you would think a talking car is pretty much the norm.

So not only does this car start speaking to you, but it asks you to get in, call a celebrity, and tell them a joke.  Quite a bold suggestion from a talking vehicle, don’t you think?  But these Aussies excitedly accepted the challenge and appear to be pretty game to step into the talking car.

As you will learn in the video below, this Ford EcoSport compact crossover doesn’t exactly have its own voice and personality, and is instead being voiced by comedian and impressionist, Anil Desai.

We think it would be kind of cool to have a talking car, maybe something even more advanced than Apple’s Siri.  What do you think it would be like to own a vehicle that had its own personality?  At Sanderson Ford, we understand that you probably already feel that your Ford is part of the family, but this could make it feel like your very own.

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