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Ford Reveals Buyer’s Tastes

Ford data reveals   about buyers around the US.  Who would think, looking around, that white was NOT the favorite Ford color in Arizona.  Would you guess Molten Orange?  Gold, silver, and finally, white round out the top colors. 

Seattle and San Francisco must have problems getting lost and parking their cars because they are tops in; BLIS, rear view cameras, active park assist, and navigation. 

You would think us Arizonans would own the air conditioned seat category, but we didn’t even rank in the top 5.  Would you have guessed Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco.  How about heated seats?  Can you believe Atlanta and Charlotte are in the top 5. 

Rainy and cold Seattle is also tops in moon roofs.  I guess better for watching the storm clouds!

Hybrid vehicles are #1 and #2 in Seattle and San Francisco, but Phoenix is #5 on this list.  Thanks 43 mpg with AC Fusion Hybrid.

In Arizona, we prefer diesels, hybrids,and  manual transmissions, but have no preference on gas engine size.

Those areas of the country looking for V-8 power include; Orlando, Memphis, Charlotte, Houston, and Seattle.  The economically minded (4 cylinder) people live in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Detroit, Boston, and Denver. 

Coastal cities like muted colors while the Midwest has an affinity for red.  The east coast is definately green. 

New Yorkers consume the most vehicles with rear seat DVD systems.  Turns out Sponge pants Bob really is an effective babysitter.

The national pick-up truck capital is still shared by Dallas and Houston.  This is also the area with the highest demand for tow packages.  95% of Super Duty customers tow with their trucks. 

Using the data Ford collects allows it to maximize the model mix and deliver vehicles that actually meet customers need regionally.  The imports should try to figure this out.

Of course, if you want an east coast color, with Seattle options, Denver seats, and Texas towing capability, all you need to do is drop by Sanderson Ford.  If we don’t have it, we’ll be happy to order it for you!

Ford Auctions off 2012 Blue Angels Mustang GT for EAA Young Eagles

The Blue Angels, the Navy’s aircraft aerobatics team, flying around in their F/A-18 Hornets have wowed spectators for years with their dazzling moves. Now, the 2012 Blue Angels Ford Mustang GT will wow viewers with its customized appearance and increased performance package. This unique car was produced by Ford for the EAA AirVentures Young Eagles, and will be auctioned off today.

The Young Eagles goal is to promote and foster the love of aviation to the youth of America. Ford has worked with the Young Eagles since 2006 by producing special edition Mustangs to be auctioned off. In total, these cars have generated $1.3 million for the Young Eagles.  In addition to the auction, the Blue Angels car pays tribute to 100 years of naval aviation and will be shown at the weeklong AirVenture program in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The Mustang itself is beautifully crafted with a deep blue paint to represent the Blue Angels.  In addition, the Mustang comes with “screaming yellow” gloss accents, a unique rear spoiler, and Blue Angels script and crest that make the car look like its namesake fighter plane.

The exterior is not the only thing that that’s been modeled after the legendary aircrafts.  The Mustang GT features Recaro racing seats that are designed to look like pilot flight suits and posses the Blue Angels Crest. The Blue Angels Mustang GT also features unique cluster graphics, performance gauges, navigation screen images, safety belt fabric, instrument panel appliqués, rear seat-delete and cross brace, Blue Angel script in illuminated sill plates, and puddle lamps that project jet images when the doors open.

The Mustang also takes after its namesake when it comes to power. This GT has a 5.0L supercharged V-8 that produces 624hp. The car also has a Ford Racing handling pack (provides a one inch drop), performance exhaust, and track-rated brakes. This gives the car elite performance and speed to go along with its distinctive look.

With past models donated to the EAA Young Eagles including the F-22 Raptor Mustang AV8R, the AV-X10 Dearborn Doll Mustang, and the SR-71 Blackbird Mustang, the Blue Angels Mustang GT joins elite and distinguished company. The Blue Angels Mustang holds its own though due to its sporty look and performance that rival that of its namesake.

Fastest Car For the Dollar

For those looking for a fast car on a budget, look no further than the Ford Mustang GTForbes Magazine recently named the fastest inexpensive cars, according to starting MSRPs, and with its 5.0-liter V8 engine, the Mustang GT stole the show.

The cars were tested on how quickly they could go from 0-60.  The Mustang did so in just 4.8 seconds.  This is possible thanks to the relatively inexpensive sports car’s engine output of 412 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque.  Helping the Mustang achieve the top speed are features like cold-air induction, an aluminum block, and twin independent variable camshaft timing.

The V6 version of the Mustang also shined on Forbes list as the least expensive car.  The smaller engine went 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, thanks again to Ford’s powertrain technologies.

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