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Ford to Increase Super Duty Production

Ford is taking its Kentucky Truck Plant and making a huge $80 million investment.  The Kentucky Truck Plant is responsible for the production of the F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 versions of the beloved Super duty.  With Ford making this hefty investment, a total of 350 jobs will be added to the factory.

Other helpful contributions this $80 million will make is a possible 15% increase in the annual Super Duty production because of the facility upgrades and other retooling projects Ford is planning on doing with the plant.  These upgrades equal approximately 55,000 extra units of production.  This could mean some serious profits for the American manufacturer since they make more off of their Super Duty production than they do off their #1 truck, the Ford F-150.

The $80 million worth of upgrades to the Kentucky Truck Plant will definitely help seal its fate as the one of the top-selling manufacturers when it comes to pickups.  Want to help Ford keep up its long standing tradition of being a top-seller in the class of pickups?  Look no further than Sanderson Ford!  Check out our expansive Super Duty inventory and let us know how we can help you purchase one of America’s best-selling pickups!

2014 Ford Super Duty

Ford Investing to Meet Increasing F-Series Super Duty Demand

Ford Investing to Meet Increasing F-Series Super Duty DemandFord Motor Company has recently announced that they have invested $80 million in their Kentucky Truck Plant in order to increase production to meet the growing demand for their Super Duty pickup trucks. The new investment and expansion in their truck plan will add 350 new jobs to the facility. The $80 million investment will cover facility upgrades, retooling, and increasing capacity to meet growing demand.

“Customer demand for F-Series Super Duty trucks is growing substantially, and F-Series overall is America’s best-selling truck for 37 years running,” explains Ford president of The Americas, Joe Hinrichs. “Building on more than 100 years of manufacturing in Kentucky, we are proud to expand our profitable growth in the region as a result of our leadership in trucks and SUVS.”

Ford’s Kentucky Plant works efficiently to produce the F-250, F-450, F-550 Super Duty pickups as well as the popular ford Expedition SUV and the Lincoln Navigation. With the new facility upgrades and Ford’s plant investment, production will substantially increase in 2014 leading to the 5-millionth Ford F-Series Super Duty truck to be built!

Sanderson Ford knows the F-Series is quite popular, flying out of the dealership all year. We look forward to the production of more trucks and fully support the upgrade to Ford’s Kansas City facilities. For questions about the F-Series line or the new Ford investment, swing by Sanderson Ford today.

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